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Educational Websites

Steve Spangler

Provides ideas and materials that can be pruchased.  Great gift ideas for kids.

Science Bob

Fun site for ideas and experiments.

Teacher Tube

Safe videos for learning and fun.

Think Central

Math and science textbooks online

Science textbook

Science textbook and online resoueces

Pearson Realize

Social Studies testbook online

Art Smart UIL

Here is a website with all the pictures, names and artists listed. You can play games to memorize them.  Good luck.

Scholastic reading Program

Reading program through Scholastic.   Create your own dragon.

Book It Summer Reading program

Book it program through Pizza Hut

Science Practice Website

Great information about the test along with practice games and questions.

Astronomy for kids

An out of this world website.

Eco Kids

Environmental science wesite for kids.

Virtual Manipulatives

Interactive manipulatives for math and science.

To Give

This is a website that allows students to help donate to many causes by clicking on that cause.  No money is needed or promised, but it serves a wonderful purpose.

Bill Nye The Science Guy

Bill Nye- need I say more?

Fun Brain

A fun educational website that covers many subjects.


A logic game that requires thought and planning to succeed. Building upper level thinkling skills in a fun way.

Spelling city

Type your spelling words in and play games with them

Study Jams

Video clips, songs, fun quizes and games for science and math topics

Cool Math

This website has wonderful math games and a cool science game link.

Steve Spangler

This is a website where science teacher buy some of our cool toys for school.  You can buy for your young scientist as well.  Steve also has experiments and video links on this site from the top tool bar.

Science Bob

Science Bob has wonderful ideas for experiments, the steps the students need to go through and some fun games.

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