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Figurative Language Quiz

Metaphor, Simile, & Idioms

Figurative Language Flash Cards

Metaphor, Simile, Hyperbole, & Personificaiton practice

Match Simile & Metaphors

Matching Pairs                **Word Shoot                   Manic Miner

Flash Cards                        Canon Ball Fun

Figurative Language Baseball Game

Simile, Metaphor, Alliteration, Personification, Onomatopoeia

Fling Your Teacher

Similie and Metaphor game

Shoot for Metaphors & Similes

Turtle Archery Shoot

Wizards and Pigs

Rhyme, Rhythm & Alliteration

Going to Work With Commas

Commas: Words in a series

Mr. Anker Tests - Set 1: Commas in a series

Commas: Words in a series

Comma Confusion Game

Commas: Words in a series



INFERENCES - Mary & Her Garden

3 Questions

INFERENCES - Jerald At School and Are You Ready Sam?

3 questions each – Character Feelings

INFERENCES - Mr. Craig At the Park

3 questions

INFERENCE - Rags to Riches


INFERENCE Battleship Game




Comma Battleship

Commas: Words in a series

What Can You Infer? Part 1


What Can You Infer? Part 2


Summarizing Game


Reading Comprehension Passages
  • Appropriate for grades 2-7
  • 140 + online reading comprehension exercises and question sets designed to mirror state-mandated standardized tests
English Maven

LOTS of English Usage and Reading practice.

Prefix & Suffix Game

Add prefixes and suffixes to words and see if the result is a real word. As the challenges become more difficult try adding both a prefix and a suffix to make words. How many challenges can you complete? 

Roots and Their Families

Learn common root words

Sort roots of words to complete sentences

Answer questions about new words by using roots as clues

Poetry Comprehension Game


Big Baby Poetry Comprehension Game

A Big Baby Raps the poetry with a Jamaican robot narrator.

Figurative Language Games

Click on Green square for "featured games".

Elementary, Middle School, & High School level games

Metaphor, Simile, Idioms, Hyperbole, & Personification games

Image that corresponds to Hangman


Race to Ramses
Image that corresponds to Race to Ramses

Use your wits to find the buried tomb of Ramses

Harcourt Grade 4 Grammer
Image that corresponds to Harcourt  Grade 4 Grammer

Explore and play games to practice your grammer skills.

Enchanted Learning

Picture Dictionary with Links

Learn To Read
Image that corresponds to Learn To Read


Internet4Classroom 5 Grade
Image that corresponds to Internet4Classroom 5 Grade


Free Rice
Image that corresponds to Free Rice

For each answer you get right Free Rice donates to the World Food Program

Power Proofreading

Houghton Mifflin English

BBC Words

Words and Phonics   CVC Words   Consonant Clusters

Long Vowel Sounds   High Frequency Words

Word Maker

Let's Make Words!

Alphabet Organizer


What's the Main Idea?

Online Quiz

Free Language Arts Games
Image that corresponds to Free Language Arts Games


Phonics Flashcards


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