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About Amiee Shepley

     Hello my name is Amiee Shepley and I have been teaching 5th grade for 7 years; 6 years here at Sudderth and one year in Pecos.  My husband Charles and I have been married for 14 years and have been residents of Monahans for 7 years.  We have two beautiful children Carson who is in the 8th grade this year and Melody here with me 4th grade.  They have fallen in love with the people here in Monahans and we feeel that it is a great place to raise our family.  

     I am a graduate of Odessa High School and attended UTPB where I recieved my Bachelors degree in Child and Family Studies and obtained my teaching certificate as well.  

     I love the entire team here at Sudderth and know that your child is on one very strong and loyal team with my team members Mrs. Gambs who will be teaching ELA and Mrs. Taylor who is teaching our kids Math while I will cover the Science and Social Studies.  We do hold very high expectations for our students and strive to make them believe in themselves and their abilities to achieve anything.  I am very happy to be a part of your child's life and expect great things to happen this year!

I have very high expectations for myself and my students.  There are times when someone has a bad day and acts out or just cannot pay attention for whatever reason.  This can become a disruption to class and stops the teaching and learning process.  When this happens we follow a CHAMPS program to take care of dispinary issues which are as followsRule 1: Follow Directions Quickly Rule 2: Raise your hand for permission to speak. Rule 3: Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat. Rule 4: Make smart choices. Rule 5: Keep your dear teacher happy. Please be respectful of yourself and others AT ALL TIMES. We are using the CHAMPS system this year so students know the expectation for their behavior for each activity. Stepped Consequences Parents, stepped consequences involves a clip chart that students move clips up and down along based on their behavior. Usually a verbal warning is given before a student is directed to move their clip because they are expected to change their behavior. Steps include: Students start on Ready to Learn but have the option of moving up to GREAT DAY for good behavior. If a student does have to move their clip they move first to Make better choices, this is a reminder to correct their behavior. The next steps are: Reflection (students will write a paragraph about their behavior and clip move), Lose a Privilege (students will lose recess or other reward time), Teacher’s Choice (the teacher may choose the activity the student loses, or write a lunch detention), Parent Contact (we will have your student call you for their behavior), and Office Referral (student will be written up to the Principal’s office.) Students will not start over at the beginning of each week. If a student makes a poor choice and has to move their clip, that is the consequence for their action, however, a teacher can decide if a student has changed their behavior, they may move their clip one step up. Student behavior clips will start over at the beginning of a new six weeks.

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