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Rules and Consequences

hand wavesRules

  • Respect students, teachers, and all other adults
  • Do your job, even if your teacher isn’t watching
  • Be quiet so you and other students can learn
  • Follow all school rules
  • Use classroom voice levels and hand signa


I use CHAMPS in my classroom

Consequences (Clip Moves)

Everyone starts on Ready to Learn on Monday
Positive behavior moves your clip up to Good Job then to Bravo.
Students on Bravo get a Caught Being Good on Fridays.
Behavior that needs correcting gets a verbal warning and redirection then a clip move to warning. If the behavior still continues the next consequence is a sit out at lunch recess for 1 to 10 mins. The last consequence is teacher’s choice which could be a office refferal, a discussion with the parents, the student, and me or an agreed upon consequence. Parents will be notified and are considered part of the team.