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Rules and Consquences

Rule 1: Follow Directions Quickly

Rule 2: Raise your hand for permission to speak.

Rule 3: Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.

Rule 4: Make smart choices.

Rule 5: Keep your dear teacher happy.

Please be respectful of yourself and others AT ALL TIMES. We are using the CHAMPS system this year so students know the expectation for their behavior for each activity.

Stepped Consequences

Parents, stepped consequences involves a clip chart that students move clips up and down along based on their behavior. Usually a verbal warning is given before a student is directed to move their clip because they are expected to change their behavior. Steps include: Students start on Ready to Learn but have the option of moving up to GREAT DAY for good behavior. If a student does have to move their clip they move first to WARNING, this is a reminder to correct their behavior. The next steps are: Lose a Privilege (students will lose recess or other reward time), Reflection (students will write a paragraph about their behavior and clip move),Lunch Detention ( the student loses recess and will run or sit by the wall without talking), Parent Contact (we will have your student call you for their behavior), and Office Referral (student will be written up to the Principal’s office.) Students will  start over at the beginning of each week. If a student makes a poor choice and has to move their clip, that is the consequence for their action. Student behavior clips will start over at the beginning of each new day.